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From ancient Asian traditions to the modern health movements, they've become extremely popular. 
The big take away: they help the internal body systems deal with the effects of every type of  STRESS
Be it environmental, biological, genetic, age related, hormone related - there seems to be an adaptogenic bearing ingredient for each.  Their 'magic' is the ability to combat things that cause internal aging and system breakdowns.


Dr's Jeff Volek & Stephen Phinney joined up over 20 years ago in research on the effects of carbohydrates on the body & metabolic syndrome.


Blessed Thistle

From Multiple Sclerosis to ALS, studies and trials are showing positive outcomes for diets with a ketogenic focus.

Moringa oleifera


Reactive Oxygen Species ( ROS ) are chemical/biological species that contain oxygen. In biological context, it is a natural byproduct of metabolic activity.
ROS are a two edged sword. In their natural state they are a healthy part of your metabolism. Under duress, they can become "explosive" and cause damage to cell structures.
It is this explosiveness that also make them a weapon of warfare against invasive cancerous cells. Cancer cells are much quicker to respond to the apoptosis caused by the ROS activity than a healthy cell.



Women's Hormonal Health Focus

More than 80% of the human immune system

resides in Gut, as the microbiome. Meaning, what you eat, matters in more ways than most of us realize.