Our Pure Paleo Whole Meal Replacement Formulation is Protein packed, rich in Calcium & Vitamin K, made from a blend of Seeds, Nuts, 12 Vegetables & Fruits as well as Egg Protein.     Delicious & satisfying, it makes Paleo Diet options more portable and versatile.
Used on the go with any liquid makes a healthy shake. Used at home as an additive to Paleo baking mixes, coatings for baked chicken or thickener in sweet or savory soups. The uses are only limited by the imagination.     ** available in vegan and mostly organic versions also

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MGDG: Proven anti-inflammatory, now new Studies on Gut lining and inhibition of cancer growth are promising.

Betaine: A Methyl donor,
helps protect cells & systems

and produces healthy epigenetic changes.


We received our NSF certification

for  SSUSA West, Reno.

Some of Spinach's nutritional

profile benefits

Magnesium: Correlation between low  magnesium levels in humans & type 2 diabetes.

The diet that continues to gain momentum.
When it first came into the public awareness, the diet was based on the concept that the enzymes and other digestive equipment we inherited from our ancient ancestors were built not for any type of processed food, but for individual, unprocessed, and often uncooked foods. Things readily available to the hunter-gatherer.
In the Paleo Diet founders minds, this was the best way for our bodies to gain the nutritional benefits and health as intended.
Based on the favorable outcomes of this and the Atkins style diets, the grain free diet evolved.
Now included on the Paleo spectrum, grain and simple carb free diets, high in proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats and natural sugars are increasing their reach.
Science is proving that for the majority of people, reducing simple carbs and sugars is better for us.
Inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia and the increasing instance of non alcoholic fatty liver disease consume much of our current healthcare systems attention.  

The processed & fast food revolutions have made those benchmarks of disease even easier to reach.
Lifestyles are lived much more at desks and behind steering wheels, significantly less active then they were even 75 years ago. Our bodies fuel needs have changed along with the lifestyle changes. Unfortunately our popular food systems have not adapted to those changing lifestyles in the most healthful way.
Enter lifestyle diets, such as Paleo. They are not only reducing instances of chronic inflammatory disorders, but also assisting in weight loss and cognition.
The one area where there is a developing concern is long term effects on calcium & vitamin K stores in the body. Reduction of calcium has been noted in those who adhere strictly to the purest form of the diet.

  Parsleys Health Benefits

Herb and botanical contamination is a present & relevant

issue in Ingredient processing.

Decontamination without degradation of quality is vitally important to

a health & taste conscious market.

Both wildcrafted and cultivated sources of herbs are subject to microbial exposure. The environment in which the herbs are grown- the harvesting, handling, drying, storage and transportation practices affect the amount and type of microbial load in herbs. Some such microbes could be pathogenic and potentially unsafe for human consumption **
Depending on those harvesting, drying and processing methods, contamination levels can go up to 10 billion/gram.

The main solution for years which was used to reduce Total Plate Count, was Ethylene Oxide. But it was found to be a potential carcinogen and it is now banned by many countries, including the United States since 2007. The second most popular method for decontamination of dried ingredients is Irradiation.

This method has been used universally since the 1920's, and shows tremendous success in killing pathogens. But with that success comes many questions. Ionizing Radiation has the ability to change the chemical composition of food, to which long term studies cannot correlate outcomes to the increased levels of cellular level diseases in society with each passing decade. Questions similarly being raised regarding Genetic Modification currently in our society.

As of 2009, The FDA has removed Ionizing Radiation from the acceptable sterilization list for Vitamins & Supplements, but NOT for many other products, like spices, meats, proteins, vegetables & fruits.
As the US consumer is becoming ever more aware of the benefits of Organic and unadulterated foods, Ionizing Radiation does not seem a compatible process to those goals. After the 2007 banning of Ethylene Oxide, many companies were looking for a better way to keep products not only safe from inherent pathogens, but from outcomes of the processing. How could we maintain the bio-availability of the nutrients in the natural foods,

as well as the flavor and colors?
Enter Steam Sterilization.
It took many years to perfect this process so that it could accommodate a large variety of different product types and sizes, WHILE preserving the most bioactive compounds from the dried ingredients.
Safe Sterilization is a natural process which kills microorganisms without using Irradiation or Chemicals.

Aromatic products, especially herbs and botanicals are very sensitive to heat and to the moisture. That's why we have optimized the process to minimize the impact of sterilization on:
 * Flavor & Taste: less than 5-8% of the oil content is lost in process.
 * Color: minimal change in color
 * Moisture: nearly 0% increase in moisture using this exclusive process
 * As well as the ability to sterilize all shapes of dried product:
   Whole, leaves, pieces, chopped, crushed & powdered.
Thereby maintaining a very high standard of Ingredient Quality, while significantly reducing negative outcomes in health and safety.
Quality you and your customers can trust.

** http://www.naturalproductsinsider.com/articles/2006/08/sterilization-of-botanical-herbs.aspx
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