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From ancient Asian traditions to the modern health movements, they've become extremely popular. 
The big take away: they help the internal body systems deal with the effects of every type of  STRESS
Be it environmental, biological, genetic, age related, hormone related - there seems to be an adaptogenic bearing ingredient for each.  Their 'magic' is the ability to combat things that cause internal aging and system breakdowns.

Blessed Thistle

Moringa oleifera

Reactive Oxygen Species ( ROS ) are chemical/biological species that contain oxygen. In biological context, it is a natural byproduct of metabolic activity.
ROS are a two edged sword. In their natural state they are a healthy part of your metabolism. Under duress, they can become "explosive" and cause damage to cell structures.
It is this explosiveness that also make them a weapon of warfare against invasive cancerous cells. Cancer cells are much quicker to respond to the apoptosis caused by the ROS activity than a healthy cell.



Women's Hormonal Health Focus

From Multiple Sclerosis to ALS, studies and trials are showing positive outcomes for diets with a ketogenic focus.


Dr's Jeff Volek & Stephen Phinney joined up over 20 years ago in research on the effects of carbohydrates on the body & metabolic syndrome.