Spec Sheet

Custom Formulations

Anti-Ox Supreme

Anti Oxident Super Formula
All Natural Calming Formula
Deep Green Organics
Super Phytonutrient Drink Formula
Farmstand Fusion Organics
All Organic Farmstand Melange of Fruit & Vegetables
Natural Aid to Joint Flexibility
Green Goodness
A Low Calorie High Mineral Drink Formulation
Insta-Digest A low glycemic probiotic enzymatic instant pudding
Organic Fuel
Easily digestible Organic Whole Food source of vitamins, minerals & fiber
Pumped Up
A pre-workout super food fuel providing healthy dose of nutrients & enzymes
Pure Paleo
A Paleo Whole Food source that can be used in a multitude of ways.
Veggie Max
The healthiest hot soup or cold Bloody Mary mix you can find

Total Focus Tea

Aids in alertness & focus for challenging mental tasks

For use in private label product lines, or as the "punch" ingredient in

shelf ready functional foods. Fully customizable.

For Private Label Application

Spec Sheet